In a tough and highly competitive business environment, the balance between a successful investment and costly failure becomes finer: the cost and benefits of every project must be weighed over more closely. It’s not enough to aim for completion on time and on budget – What time scale? What budget? What’s the optimum trade-off between the two? Fundamental questions need to be asked and the answer must be exposed to searching scrutiny. 

As of the company participate in economic activities after nation financial crisis 1998/1999, FNA Builders & Services Sdn Bhd (FNABSSB) has shown tremendous growth in the construction, services and trading in Oil & Gas industry. At FNABSSB, we are putting our experience, expertise and resources in developing our business relation and market share throughout Malaysia. Real control over timing, costs and quality depends on understanding the factors in play. We begin with a strategic approach to project planning and tendering. It is sustained by meticulous attention to detail in day-to-day cost control, and it is assured by experienced impartial advice from independent experts.
Since incorporation, FNABSSB was involved in many construction projects owned by the government and the private clients.  Every involvement and participation of FNABSSB was done with earnest and care. The priority given to fulfill the client’s wishes and requirement in mind.

This success is largely due to the owners being able to create a strong management team and an integrated management policies and procedures. Teamwork is our credo and employees are our valuable assets. Their values, idealism, and being fully committed in honoring their obligations to clientele demand and steadfastness in carrying out their duties are the basic work culture of FNABSSB, that led to such an accomplishment.
We believe that the business environment in the future will be more challenging and competitive and, it demands FNABSSB to acquire high competency to succeed and sustain positive development especially in the construction, Oil & Gas industry. The culmination of the proposal and plans will see FNABSSB will venture into bigger project and acquire any synergistic businesses to broad the group revenue base to give better return to the company, staffs and shareholders.
Therefore, the establishments of Quality Management System ISO 9001 since August 2005, and their application throughout the organization have been identified by management to ensure all activities and services provided shall satisfy customer need and expectation including statutory and regulatory requirements.



  • Formulate strategic approach and committed to fulfill customer’s wishes and statutory requirement
  • ANd handling over project within specified time and cost given
  • Acknowledge excellence performance and instilling a sense of corporate belongingness
  • Being professional, innovative and creative
  • Superior in serving the customer
  • Strive to make the Quality Management System effectiveness towards a zero defect
  • Being committed to increase the net worth of the company and shareholders